2021 Kingsclere Photo Club Programme

January 6th – A photographer that inspires me

Four club members will talk about a photographer, photograph, an artist or painting that inspires or has inspired their photography.

February 3rd – Black & White or Colour?

Bring up to 3 images. For each bring a colour and a black and white version processed in one of the following ways:

  1. Both show exactly the same scene, but one processed for colour and one for black and white. Use to demonstrate how one works and one doesn’t (or both work in different ways).
  2. The same photograph processed twice – for colour and black and white. Use to show how a different crop or other processing is required to get the best out of each medium.

March 3rd – Critique by Peter Orr

Bring along your 2 of your best or most challenging digital images to be critiqued by Peter Orr, a professional judge. This is not a competition, but an opportunity to understand how to improve your images.

April 7th PechaKucha.

PechaKucha is a story telling format where a presenter shows 20 slides for 15 seconds of commentary each (5 minutes total). It is normally 20 seconds per slide, but we will use 15 in order to keep the meeting to its normal duration. Any subject can be chosen, but the display should be automated to ensure that the 15 second display time is adhered to. The presenter can talk about each picture for some or all of the 15 seconds. Alternatively it can be set to music. For more information and ideas have a look at www.pechakucha.com.

May 5th – Sam Gregory.

Sam Gregory will give two of his talks on Landscape photography.

Having heard Sam Gregory’s talk, we will be setting a challenge to take landscape photographs to be shown and discussed in the September meeting.

June 2nd – Critique by Peter Orr – part 2.

Peter Orr will be returning on Zoom to complete the critique that he started in March. He will be reviewing the second set of photos that were submitted in March, so there is no need to send in any more..

July 7th – Photo walk and pub.

In Whitchurch. Details to be confirmed nearer the time and may be affected by Covid-19 regulations.

August – no meeting

September 1st – Challenge and Walk Photographs.

A critique session reviewing and discussing photographs taken on the walk in July and the landscape challenge.

October 6th – Robert Harvey – Small is beautiful.

A talk by Robert Harvey on macro photography

October 16th/17th – Annual exhibition

An exhibition of photographs taken by members of the KPC, held in Kingsclere Village Club.

November 3rd – Practical evening.

Bring your camera and tripod (if you have one) and take photographs of food. If you wish, bring a plate of food to be photographed.

Afterwards the food may be eaten if desired and we will launch a ‘Self Portrait’ (not selfie) challenge. Take a picture of yourself which reflects some part of your personality or interests.

December 1st – AGM and Print of the Year

Our traditional end of year evening. The AGM followed by a print competition. Bring along two prints taken in the last 12 months. The members present will view them and vote for their favourite.