Battle of Britain Messerschmitt – 80 years underwater by Sheilah Openshaw

In July 2019 a friend found this previously unrecorded underwater wreck of a Messerschmitt 110.  Being a Nautical Archaeologist I researched the story of how it came to be there.  On October 7th 1040 the Luftwaffe made a huge raid of over 50 aeroplanes on the Westland factory in Yeovil, over 1600 bombs were dropped.   On the way back RAF squadrons 609 and 238, based at Warmwell in Dorset shot down 6 aircraft.  This was one of them.  We put the whole story together ready for the 80th anniversary including a 4 minute piece on National TV and an invitation to speak at the Nautical Archaeology Society conference in November.

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