January 8th    ‘Water, Wood and Wonder’

A photographic journey through the north western states of
North America
From Salt Lake City to Monterey.

KPC 20th Anniversary Celebrations

A critique session will follow and we will also launch the 3 x 3 challenge in preparation for the April meeting.

February 5th Rembrandt Lighting

A practical session on Rembrandt Light Photography. Please bring a camera with a hot shoe and a lens suitable for portraiture (70 mm on a full frame camera) and a tripod.

Consider visiting the Rembrandt’s Light exhibition  in Dulwich beforehand.

March 4th  Professional critique of your images

Bring along your 2 of your best or most challenging images (digital or print) to be critiqued by Peter Orr, a professional judge.

This is not a competition, but an opportunity to understand how to improve your images.

April 1st 3 x 3 Challenge          

As a follow up to his talk last year on ‘What makes a good photograph’, Mike Harrison will review his five points for constructive critique of photographs, which we will then try to apply in the following sessions:

We will view and discuss our ‘3 x 3’ challenge photos (maximum 9 each).

1The use of a ‘Triangle’ in Composition
3The rule of thirds


If there is time, this will be followed by a critique session.

May 6th  Staying at Home

We will view and discuss member’s photographs taken on the theme of ‘Staying at Home’.

We will also set the Landscape challenge in preparation for the October meeting.

June 3rd Photographers that inspire me

Graham, Rodolph, Mary and Gareth will talk for 10 minutes on
‘A Photographer who Inspires Me’.

If any members would like to join Graham, Rodolph, Mary and Gareth and talk about a photographer that inspires them, please tell a member of the committee before the meeting.

July 1st Photo Walk & Pub Meet 

Our annual walk and pub meet consolidated into one evening.

This year we will be visiting Whitchurch, full details to be confirmed later.

August 5th No meeting

September 2nd Mounting Prints

A demonstration of mounting prints, especially the use of coloured mounts.

This should be good preparation for the exhibition. The practical session will be followed by a critique session.

October 7th Landscape Challenge Photos

We will view and discuss the results of the landscape challenge and have a critique session.

November 4th Street Photography

A talk by Peter Crane.

December 2nd AGM & Print of the Year

(Our traditional end of year evening)